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COVID-19 Exposure at the Workplace and Facility Management Guidelines

“I’ve tested positive for COVID 19, my family member, coworker, employee, patron, or friend has tested positive for COVID 19, now what?”

This is a question that we are hearing more and more often at the BGHC as COVID case numbers continue to dramatically increase in Florida. Below is a summary of the CDC guidelines for dealing with an exposure and reminders on how to best prevent one.

Anyone testing positive for COVID 19 is contagious from 2 DAYS PRIOR TO DEVELOPMENT OF SYMPTOMS through the course of their illness. Anyone exposed to someone testing positive for COVID 19 at any point during this entire time is advised to quarantine for 14 days from their last exposure to the positive individual, as long as they do not develop symptoms themselves.

For example:

  • A co-worker works 7/6, 7/7 and 7/8. On 7/8, she gets ill at work with a fever and headache and goes home. She stays home and is able to get tested on 7/10 and on 7/11 she is told that her test is + for COVID 19 and notifies her employer.
  • She started to be contagious on 7/6 and anyone with contact with her from 7/6-7/8 at her workplace should quarantine for 14 days from their last exposure to the +case.
  • If I worked with her on 7/6 and 7/8, my quarantine ends 7/8 + 14 days = 7/22.
  • If you only worked with her on 7/6, your quarantine ends 7/6 + 14 days = 7/20.

Cleaning and Sanitation

If your facility has an exposure, common use areas should be cleaned with soap and water first if possible, followed by a disinfectant that is EPA approved to kill coronavirus.

See the list at: EPA approved disinfectants to use against COVID 19

Professional cleaning/sanitization should be considered. Also consider looking into a solution to increase air exchange or purify indoor air. Feel free to contact the BGHC for recommendations on providers for this service.

How to Best Prevent an Exposure to COVID 19 in Your Facility and Prevent Spread of COVID-19

  1. Limit the number of patrons in your establishment to allow adequate social distancing (including staff present).
  2. Require face coverings for all, employees and patrons. Use signage to post this request.
  3. Post reminders for adherence to social distancing.
  4. Ask anyone visibly ill to kindly exit.
  5. Implement frequent and recurrent disinfection of frequently touched, common use surfaces. (touchpads, ink pens, handles and glass on entrance doors, dressing room door handles, computer keyboards, mouse, phones, restrooms-both public and for employee use) and/or think of alternative ways to limit multiple touches (leave doors open, no touch pay options).
  6. Avoid congregation of groups outside your establishment.
  7. Have hand sanitizer available for use by all.
  8. Daily temperature and symptom screening for all employees both on the job and at home.
  9. Implement a liberal work-from-home policy for those able to do so (particularly any in a high risk category) and a forgiving sick leave policy to prevent exposure.
  10. Consider staggered or alternating staffing. If an exposure does occur, this will allow your facility to continue to operate with employees that were not exposed.
  11. Consider documenting your plan for exposure and prevention for staff reference and implementing staff education on policy and procedures.

If you have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please know that our physicians are available and can be reached at 941-964-2276 or by sending us a message.

Please remember that the knowledge and understanding of COVID 19 continues to be an evolving situation with frequent updates in recommendations. Please continue to follow the official guidance of the CDC and the Florida Department of Health available through their websites.

Thank you for helping keep Boca Grande safe and healthy.