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Watch the 2023 “Welcome Back to the Island” Webinar

In case you missed it,on October 26, 2023, the Grande Rounds health lecture series sponsored by the Boca Grande Health Clinic and the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation kicked off with a special virtual event to officially welcome everyone back to the Island.

Clinic Medical Director Raymond A. James, D.O, along with Boca Grande Fire Department Chief Blosser discussed how to recognize urgent and emergency health situations and addressed how to access care. Clinic CEO Mark Driscoll covered new clinic services and the care team who is here to keep you healthy. Cannon Jones, Executive Director of the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation, provided an update on Foundation activities.

In addition, the webinar featured a special presentation of plans to improve the Clinic’s services, facilities, infrastructure and technologies to better meet patient and Island needs for expanded primary and urgent care, while preparing the Clinic for a bright future of providing exceptional care, close to home.

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