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Test your knowledge of the Boca Grande Health Clinic

Did you know that the Boca Grande Health Clinic’s mission is to provide personalized primary and urgent healthcare to Gasparilla Island residents and workers?

Test your knowledge of the Clinic by answering the following five questions.

Question 1:

How many doctors are there at the Clinic?

A) 1

B) 3

C) 5

Answer: B – 3!

The Clinic has three primary care physicians board-certified in emergency medicine, family practice and internal medicine: Raymond A. James, D.O. (Medical Director), Bret Kueber, M.D., and Emily Haly, M.D.

Question 2:

True or false: The Clinic is open only select business hours?

A) True

B) False

Answer: B – False!

A physician is on duty after hours, weekends, and holidays by phone. Call 941-964-2276 for instructions. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from 24/7, year-round access to outstanding physicians and exceptional care.

Question 3:

How many nurses work at the Clinic?

A) 4

B) 1

C) 3

Answer: C – Four!

There are three Registered Nurses and one Licensed Practical Nurse at the Clinic: Natalie Cole, Lindsay Dalton, Jenny Maday, and Dana Pellant. P.S. We also have two medical assistants and a radiology technician on staff.

Question 4:

Which services are provided by the Clinic?

A) Adult & Pediatric Illness Diagnosis and Treatment

B) Treatment of Minor Injuries & Wound Management

C) Treatment & Management of Chronic Health Issues

D) Immunizations

E) Specialist Referral Program

F) X-Ray Imaging

G) All of the above

Answer: G – All of the above!

Question 5:

Last year, the Clinic celebrated 75 years of service to the Island. What tagline was used?

A) Healthy together

B) We’re still standing … after all these years …

C) Celebrate good health, come on!

D) One community, one clinic

Answer: A – Healthy Together!

The tagline accompanied a special 75 Years anniversary logo and signified the partnership and collaboration and embodies the spirit in which the Island comes together to create a vibrant, healthy and safe Island community.

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