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Clinic Welcomes R.N. Lindsay Dalton

By Sheila Evans, Boca Beacon

Reprinted with permission

There is a new face at the Boca Grande Health Clinic. Say “hello” to the new registered nurse, Lindsay Dalton. Nurse Lindsay has been a part of the Clinic staff for about a month and is excited to get to know the people of Boca Grande.

Lindsay and her family live in Englewood and love to spend time in Boca Grande, but now they are getting to know the community in a deeper, more personal way.

“I saw the Clinic was hiring, and I live so close. I thought it was a great opportunity,” Lindsay said. She has not been disappointed., She loves the variety of work, and the people have been very welcoming, she noted.

Lindsay has been a nurse since 2015, graduating from Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Canton, Ohio, which is her jo,metown. She has covered several areas of nursing since then, including three years working in a nursing home, doing neurology nursing for two years and three years focusing on new mom and baby care, specifically as a labor and delivery nurse in Plant City. She was sort of typecast for the labor and delivery role , as she was pregnant and caring for her own babies at least part of the three years she was working in that specialty.

Although originally from Ohio, Lindsay and her husband Tyler have been Floridians for the past eight years. They have three children, all born in the state. Shiloh is six, Hart is three and Charlie is two. Working full-time and having three young children does not leave a lot of time for hobbies, but the family enjoys spending time at the playground, camping and going to the beach, especially the beach art Boca Grande.

Nursing has been Lindsay’s life-long ambition. “When I was little I always dreamed of having four kids and being a nurse,” she said, laughing. “I have almost fulfilled that dream, but I am okay with three kids instead of four. I have always loved taking care of people, not matter what age.” She added that “older people, especially, have a lot of fun stuff to hear and learn about.”

Clinic Director Mark Driscoll said that Lindsay is now their second registered nurse. Having RNs on staff brings a level of professionalism that comes from their years of training and clinical work. This offers a higher level of skill to assist the Clinic’s physicians and other staff.

“Lindsay is our newest addition to the Clinic team,” he said. “She fits in well. She is highly intelligent and a hard worker, which adds to our ability to address our patients’ needs.’

Boca Grande Health Clinic is dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate healthcare to the Island. “Through primary and preventive care, chronic care management and healthcare education, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of Boca Grande,” Driscoll said.

Nurse Lindsay Dalton is now an integral part of that effort.

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