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An abundance of praise for our doctors

National Doctors’ Day (March 30) is an annual observance in appreciation of physicians. This year the Clinic asked the community and patients to help us honor our great doctors, who work hard every day to help keep you healthy (so you can spend more time living your best life)! 

An overwhelming number of people shared their stories and gratitude by offering written tributes about Dr. Raymond James, D.O., our Medical Director, Dr. Bret Kueber, M.D. and Dr. Emily Haly, M.D.

Here are just a handful of what we received. Read all of the tributes.

Thank you, a million times! – by Sandy Burroughs

“Three days before Ian we needed to move (no generator) my paralyzed husband to our nephew’s (new with generator) home three blocks away. Three nurses came, used the lift and put him in the wheelchair and walked him from 10th and Palm To 7th and Palm. Then Drs. James and Kueber came and carried him up seven steps into house! Where else would you find such a team. (We did have to leave the island day of hurricane). Thank you, a million times.”

Dr. Haly is knowledgeable and friendly – by Julie Watts

“It’s rare, these days, to find an Internist who is very knowledgeable and friendly at the same time! DR. HALY is both. This appointment was the first time I’d met her. She is a good listener and seemed genuinely interested in wanting to find out what was causing my pain. I will certainly ask to see her if I ever need to go back to the Clinic again. Thank you, Dr. Haly!”

A grateful patient – by John Holyland MD

“Over the twenty plus years that I have lived here the clinic has had many very good doctors, but Dr. Raymond James is outstanding. As a retired physician myself I have been impressed with his breadth of knowledge and how quickly he understands the problem. I very much appreciate his thoroughness and common-sense approach. Thank you from a grateful patient.”

The clinic is a rare treasure – by Bob and Meg Charlebois

“First, we should say that everyone at the clinic could not be more helpful and kind. It is deeply appreciated. Dr. James has been taking care of us and while we enjoy good health, for those times we need him he is there for us. His hands on care and his referrals are great. Doc takes the time needed to guide us through the process carefully and clearly. So many thanks to Dr. James and everyone at the clinic for the care you all provide. The clinic is a rare treasure.”

Dr. Bret Kueber is an excellent Physician – by Mike Arrington

Doctor Bret Kueber is an excellent Physician but even better, he is a true friend! His knowledge of healthcare far exceeds any I have received in my life and I’m72 years old. He is a kind and caring person and truly has the Patient’s best interest in mind! Happy Doctors, Day Bret! Also, Happy Doctors Day to your counterparts at Boca Grande Clinic!”

Dr. Haly never gives up – by Carol A Dooge

“I have been dealing with an autoimmune issue for at least three years. Dr. Haly has been so helpful. She never gives up. When Dr. Ervin retired, and Dr. Haly came to the clinic I thought having a women Dr would work for me and I haven’t been disappointed. My issue is incurable, and you can only treat the symptoms and Dr. Haly never gives up. We are so lucky to have the clinic on this island with all these dedicated doctors. Thank you, Dr. Haly, and all the staff at the clinic.”

Small-town compassion and care – by Susan Hanafee and Ian Rogerson

“We can’t say enough good things about the clinic doctors, nurses and staff. Especially during COVID they were a beacon of comfort and reassurance. I remember as a child when the doctor made house calls. The clinic provides that same sense of small-town compassion and care. And we love Dr. James’ sense of humor. Kudos to a great team,”

Dr. Bret Kueber is fantastic! – by Lily

“Dr. Bret Kueber is fantastic! We feel very confident in his diagnostic expertise!!!

How lucky are we (and Boca Grande) to have him!!”

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