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A Year of Acknowledgement and Celebration

From our earliest days working out of a small room above the Railroad Depot, the Boca Grande Health Clinic set out to provide personal, compassionate care. 2022 marks an important milestone as we celebrate 75 years providing medical care to year-round and seasonal residents, vacation homeowners, and employees, on our beautiful island paradise.

In tribute to our storied history and the people who helped build and sustain the Clinic, we have created a new anniversary logo that we’ll use for the duration of 2022. In addition, our website has been updated to feature the anniversary logo and some new content, including a history timeline, postcard gallery and a tribute wall. I hope you will visit the anniversary page.

Contribute to our tribute wall

There are so many stories we want to hear, capture and share. Do you have a special Clinic or Island memory? Do you want to recognize the Clinic or a staff member for their service? Would you like to let everyone know how the Clinic has helped you or a member of your family? Please submit a tribute.

The journey to 75 years wasn’t always easy. It required courage, passion, and perseverance – and the steadfast support of the Island community. Over the years, we have proven that there are no problems that cannot be overcome when we work together. That pioneering spirit remains a part of who we are today as we continue to battle through the pandemic.

Despite our challenges, I am excited about the future and moving the Clinic into the next chapter of exceptional care and service. All of us at the Clinic and the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation look forward to celebrating with you throughout 2022 as we enter a new phase of commitment – reinforcing our mission and values and setting a vision for a very bright future.

About the Author

Mark Driscoll

Chief Executive Officer
Mark Driscoll, CEO

Mr. Driscoll began leading the Clinic’s operations in July 2020. He brings with him more than 30 years of healthcare experience in service line administration, practice management, managed care, and business development. His strengths as an entrepreneurial minded, financially grounded executive with strong performance and achievement drive and exceptional team building skills are invaluable in […]

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