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A year-end message from the Boca Grande Health Clinic Board


As we approach the end of 2021, I want to reflect on some of the issues facing the Boca Grande Health Clinic and share the perspective of our board. 

Over the past year we have not only weathered the pandemic and the dramatic changes that COVID has brought to all of our lives but, also, the significant changes in staffing at the clinic. Our CEO, Mark Driscoll’s tenure began with COVID and that is just one of the many operational challenges that he has been resolving.

Boca Grande is fortunate to have a 24/7 primary health care clinic to care for the community. The clinic has evolved over the years with physician and staff changes, but one thing has always remained constant – a focus on delivering high-quality primary health care for this community.

As is often the case, change brings questions and concerns. We understand the frustration of not knowing the reasons for change, but the board is tasked with ensuring the health of the clinic remains strong and will continue to provide a quality commitment to the community, now and in the future. 

Mary Ann Van Lokeren

Chair, Boca Grande Health Clinic Board

Your board is comprised of physicians, legal experts and other island leaders. We constantly evaluate the needs of Boca Grande and work to ensure we are meeting those needs.

Our CEO is leading us through the implementation of our strategic plans, with the use of consultants when and where he deems it appropriate. We have on-going work groups addressing many of our initiatives and we are committed to putting structure and details in final form before the end of this season.

The caring committed staff of the Clinic will continue to deliver the high touch, personal care that has been our hallmark for over 75 years. As much as we are focused on the future, we are also determined that your present primary health care needs are being met with skill and compassion. We work closely with the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation which supports our financial needs and our future endeavors. We will always be grateful for their support and encouragement.

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