Boca Grande Health Clinic Building from across the street

The Clinic is my go-to for healthcare while in Boca
by Sara Frederick-Holton

I’ve been on island for over forty years now. My father, Robert Frederick, was President of the Clinic at the time of the creation of the BGHC Foundation. I have observed and admired the Clinic’s evolution over time. My hope is that the Clinic continues to benefit from the efforts of the Foundation so our qualified and competent docs, nurses and support staff can continue there awesome work.
Thankfully, I have visited the Clinic as a patient a handful of times. I was seen promptly, respectfully and competently every time. Our providers are empathic and astute-when feeling poorly it was helpful to see someone who cared and was able to identify what I needed. I will continue to think of the Clinic as my go-to for healthcare while in Boca. (March 1, 2023)