Boca Grande Health Clinic Building from across the street

They welcomed us with smiles and infinite kindnesses
by Jane Fletcher Geniesse

Due to our great age and occasional infirmities my husband Bob and I found ourselves often at the clinic, holding out a bruised shoulder or bleeding shin to be treated. (Falling, as Bob used to say, was his specialty). Usually we were escorted by our extremely well-behaved golden doodle, Linus, who was always greeted by the team in the office (Kelsey, Kara and Johnna) and the nurses who never, never said, “Good grief! Not you three again!” Instead they welcomed us with smiles and infinite kindnesses and summoned either Dr James or Dr Erwin to see to the newest wound. We had been saddened when Debbie retired but loved slender Dana. Then because they too have been so kind I want to thank Natalie, Lindsay and Jenny. Nicky is new but equally welcoming as are Laquanda and Karen, the medical assistants.
When my dear Bob died in November and Linus and I returned to the island we stopped in at the clinic. Many gentle hands petted Linus while I got tight hugs. It could not have been a happier or more generous welcome from our very special Boca Grande Clinic.

(April 19, 2023)