Boca Grande Health Clinic Building from across the street

Clinic is big reason we moved to the Island
by Hubert and Joan Longest

We moved to the island January 1999 and one of our big reasons was the Clinic for health care.
We have never been disappointed with any health care from the Clinic. They have been available any time we have needed them and Doctors, Nurses and staff have been very helpful and courteous.
The clinic has recommended several specialist over the years and all have been excellent. That is really something anywhere but especially in Florida. I have been seen by all three of the current Doctors and their advice has been excellent. Doctor Haly just recommended a neurosurgeon, could not be any more satisfied. Dr. Kueber saw me and treated, notified Cardiologist, great service. Have seen Doctor James several times and he has been great.
Have had physical therapy two times after surgery in the Annex building and very happy with that service.
Could not be more satisfied than we have been in Boca Grande. (March 24, 2023)