Boca Grande Health Clinic Building from across the street

Saving a trip off island is priceless
by Tye Nordberg

Dear Mark,

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for an efficient and convenient visit last Tuesday evening. We were having a birthday party around sunset for a friend and I lost a fight with a stone crab. Needless to say, my hand would not stop bleeding and I thought I would have to leave the island and go to an ED. My partner Leslie thought to call the clinic and within 10 minutes Dr. Haly was in touch and we met at the clinic and she had me stitched up in less than an hour. She did a great job. Obviously the convenience and service was great, what was priceless for me is that I got to spend more time with my 87 year old father who came over from Punta Gorda.

I appreciate all that you and your team do on the island, when I purchased my property I knew I was joining a special community and my visit and follow up only reinforced that view. 

Please pass along a heartfelt thank you to your team. As someone who has been employed in healthcare for a number of years, I know the dedication and hard work you all bring to bear every day.

Best regards,

Tye Nordberg

(March 13, 2024)